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Your Initial Consultation will Take One Hour

First time patients are recommended

On your first visit to the clinic you will need to fill out some paperwork.

After the forms have been completed, you will explain what has brought you to the clinic, and what you are hoping to achieve.

I will then take a full history of your condition and ask a number of other questions to gain a greater understanding of your health concerns.  To see which modalities I will recommend, whether it is a chiropractic, acupuncture or homeopathic remedy.

If I find it is none of the above then I will refer you to the appropriate health care profession.  If it is Chiropractic you will then be taken through a thorough examination to identify any subluxations. The examination will include:

  • Postural Evaluation
  • Skin temperature Differential Instrumentation
  • Static Palpation
  • Motion Palpation
  • Muscle Test Analysis
  • Specific Chiropractic tests and procedures

 X-rays May Be Required following your Examination

X-rays are taken for several reasons including :

  • To determine if there is any degeneration.
  • To locate potential problem areas.
  • To determine the condition of the discs (cushions between each vertebrae).
  • To rule out other pathologies (diseases).
  • If I determine you need Acupuncture, then I will take pulse and tongue diagnosis and ask further questions.
  • If I determine you need Homeopathic treatment, then I will ask further questions and my aim as a homeopath, is to match a well chosen homeopathic remedy to your unique symptoms.