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Many people find it odd that chiropractic has its own philosophy.  So why does chiropractic have a philosophy. 

Actually, it is somewhat misleading to say that chiropractic has a philosophy.  According to Dr. B.J. Palmer, the developer of chiropractic (whose father, D.D. Palmer, is credited with its actual “discovery” in 1895), chiropractic IS a philosophy – as well as a science and an art.

That is, chiropractic is not merely a method of adjusting a person’s spine or correcting subluxations.  It is a set of beliefs about the human here and the natural order of the universe.

These beliefs – this philosophy – is the WHY of chiropractic.  The science and art of chiropractic (such as the specific adjusting techniques) were developed, and are used, in accordance with the philosophy.

The single most important premise of chiropractic philosophy is that there is an intelligent order to the universe, which gives to matter its properties and actions, thus maintaining its existence.  It is becoming equally accepted by the “new” quantum physics, astronomy, biology, and many other sciences. No longer can anyone study the universe and believe it, and each part of it, is random.  There is an order which organizes it and allows it to survive and continue.

Once we accept this major premise – that the universe as a whole is guided by an intelligent order – we may logically conclude that each part of the universe is also guided by that intelligence.  This applies to everything, everywhere, at every time.

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